Arditti Quartet - Mexico (2006)

finally! i've been digging in record stores for nearly 3 years for this disc from Arditti, my hands down pick for the world's best string ensemble (maybe of all time!). here they play newly written music from Mexican composers that again prove that the best avant garde shit isn't being made in western europe anymore. alot of these tracks are dense as fuck, and it's tough to take in the whole album in one sitting... but if you listen closely and follow the thread of each piece from start to finish, you're in for one rewarding and harrowing fucking hell of a ride. and my man Irvine absolutely capital-Shreds the solos.

if you see their shit in stores, pick it up! it's an investment

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  1. lakecog says:

    ill!, absolutely astounding. It's my first exposure to Arditti Quartet. Many thanks. c.

  2. ill! says:

    i really can't hype Arditti enough; their technique is so ridiculous that they've moved beyond the difficulty of pieces and play in complete service of the music. there's a story that John Cage wrote an "impossible" piece for Irvine and he sight read it for him on the first try. complete dedication to new music.

  3. lakecog says:

    These are artists who play for the power of each moment. Dense, but shining with versatility. This Irvine fellow, I'll have to learn more about. Keep up the excellent thread. c.

  4. edlorado says:

    thanks for sharing!

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