Various - Project Blowed (1994)

this compilation is like the No New York of the LA underground hip-hop scene circa '94, documenting a time when local legend emcees were cutting their teeth and earning their cred at open mics at the Good Life Cafe and in Leimert Park. experimentation is the name of the game, from 10-man posse ciphers and sex-rap to spoken word griot storytelling and militant black feminism, all planting the seeds for the next 10 years of west coast boom bap. it's no exaggeration to say that every west coast rapper, beatmaker, and graf crew owes a debt or has ties to Blowed - Anticon, Shapeshifters/Chainsmokers, Brainfeeder... and they know it.

it all started HERE

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  1. I love everything about this album. Such good vibes, especially since I live on the west coast. Peace love and respect!

  2. Murphey says:

    This album is awesome; I'd heard of Aceyalone, Abstract Rude and Busdriver, but none of these other incredible MCs. Great upload, keep the awesome hip hop coming.

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