Wampire - Wampire (2009)

In 2007, longtime best friends Rocky Tinder and Eric Phipps moved to Portland, Oregon and decided to start a band. With all the buoyancy and idealism of youth (being fresh out of high school at the time), and stimulated by the massive amount of creative output surrounding them in their new city, they sketched out a vision for a massive friend band - the possibility of getting every single one of their buds on stage and creating a monumental live show. Yet both boys have discerning taste, having backgrounds in music theory from a tender age, and questioned the logistics of a chaotic set-up. Moreover, they were enamored of the freedom that local dance music outfits had with their compact set-ups, allowing these acts to show up and throw down anywhere. Accordingly, they tweaked their vision and decided to just do it themselves. Armed with two guitars and an iPod filled with their meticulously prerecorded beats, bass lines, and bells, they became Wampire – two boys on a mission to have as much fun being a dance-rock duo as 20 people combined. Now, 3 years later, with the new addition of drummer Cyrus Lampton for extra beats and extra smiles, it is very safe to say that Wampire have succeeded: this band is epically, epically fun. Whether rocking out in the dark of a nightclub, with Flashdance projected behind them from out of Tinder’s gold-painted VCR, or stripping down to their skivvies during an afternoon parking lot performance, Wampire is a sight to behold. They’re certainly not taking themselves too seriously, but one can say a lot more than that about their live show. Their easy chemistry and inexhaustible joviality is totally infectious – you’re powerless to resist the dance floor when they take the stage.

Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower - Dissertation, Honey (2003)

Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower - Dissertation, Honey (2003)

Dissertation, Honey is a collection of devastatingly unique rock and roll that takes the already strikingly original sound of bands like The Blood Brothers, and just tweaks it in a slightly different direction. They do an amazing job of mixing skat jazz influence with punk which will challenge your view of what's acceptable for the genre.
They've spent time touring with Q and not U, The Locust, and The EX.

Also, I'm fucking sick of foobar2k. What are you using?


A very fine remaster of this classic album, with some extra goodies for the die hard fans. The quality is fantastic compared to the original, re-mastered by Justin Broadrick himself



Missing Tracks

Sally Paradise - L'Ascension du Mont Shing (2010)

So yesterday for the first time I checked my AIM mail account and there was a letter in my inbox. The letter contained this album. I listened to it. After a few listens and careful consideration, I am posting this album here. The type of music Sally Paradise makes is difficult to label. If I had to give it a name it would be sleepgaze. The sound is reminiscent of those first few minutes before you go into a dream state. I didn't intend to evoke exclusively connotations of hypnagogue, because the music is certainly not by any means boring. You also get a sort of warm feeling when listening to this album, like someone is presiding over you. It's hard to explain. There is definitely a tinge of warmth to this album. While not the most enthralling music, I find that L'Ascension du Mont Shing earns a cozy place in my listening schedule during those times where I'm beat and in need of auditory solace. Check them out. Further their cause. Their myspace is at http://www.myspace.com/sallyparadiseeuh

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United Nations - Never Mind The Bombings, Here's Your Six Figures (2010)

Did you listen to the other United Nations I uploaded?

Here's a chance to redeem yourself. Honestly, I was more satisfied by this 4 track EP than I was their last album. Their previous was more of a melodic grindcore, where NMtBHYSF has hardcore punk à la Pg. 99. Anyway, enjoy.

edit: it's a 192kbps webrip. I'll upload a v0 whenever it gets released.

Chrisma - Chinese Restaurant (1977)

enigmatic release from the 70s with some of the foundations for what would later become new-wave, and many other genres. it's actually pretty damn good and the main reason i decided to post it is because ribs reminded me of the amount of albums i have that shine from this particular scene of music. anyway, this is a really good album full of the best aspects of the genre and i think you guys will enjoy it, so give it a try.

Xymox - Twist of Shadows (1989)

xymox's third album is my current obsession, every song on this album is worth a thousand listens. it's 80s new wave gone goth. you know you love the darker-sounding new wave songs so imagine how good this is.

take the shadows away
track 4


Indian Jewelry - Totaled (2010)

houston badasses indian jewelry are back with a new album, far less noisy than previous releases but still pretty awesome, get it asap. they put on a great live show so go see them if you have a chance to (plus the girls are hot as eff). rock on.

excessive moonlight


In tune with my previous post, some more 80's synth sounds for you, full of sarcastic references to modern culture. I doubt they will win over any new fans with this album, but if you were previously a fan of DEVO, there's a good chance you will enjoy the new material.


Myotonia - Self Titled (2007)

It's easy to say what Myotonia is doing isn't new or fancy. This 'one and done' group doesn't break new ground exactly, but approaches the genre differently than any group before it. They take DEP sweeps, Meshuggah riffs and Ion Dissonance breaks and smash them together to make a perfect. medium. In conclusion, Myotonia take influences from legends and creates something legendary on their own, which the world seemed to skip over.

Pretty Girls Make Graves - New Romance (2003)

Pretty Girls Make Graves - New Romance (2003)

New Romance is more than impressive, catchy as fuck, diverse, and far ahead of it's time. Andrea Zollo's vocals are strong and clear, while the guitar slides cleanly between technical and frantic punk slashes and chiming chords. These musicians work so well together, it's almost stunning. Everyone is devastated by a band break up, at some point in their lives. For me, this was Pretty Girls Make Graves.

Various Artists - entrylevel wobwob (2010)

500 hours in ps cs5.
entrylevel wobwob is a 7 track mixtape I threw together on a boring Wednesday afternoon. Artists include Vex'd, Boxcutter, Instigate, RxRy and more. A very wide range of dub, from ambient to grime. Grimier than fingering your dad's asshole and finding your sisters tongue ring grime. Also note; lack of brostep. More information in the .zip

Kashiwa Daisuke - Program Music I (2007)

Sup y'all. I just finished a 24 hour freeleech on waffles, where I nabbed ~200 new albums. Expect a shit ton of content. Here's my first upload.

This is one the most beautifully composed electronic albums in existence. Kashiwa Daisuke brings pianos, violins, acoustic guitars as well as glitchy dnb drums to create an album that blows Worlds End Girlfriend out of the water, and miles away. Program Music I is only two tracks but spans an hour in time. It only takes one listen for the brilliance to sink in, but you'll discover something new every time you hear it.

Bad Veins - Bad Veins (2009)

Hey blog followers. I haven't been posting as much as I'd like to due to school and I've uploaded several albums within the past week so I'm just gonna dump those at the end of the post to get things straightened out because I don't have the time or energy to create separate posts for them.

Anyway, Bad Veins is an indie rock band that to me, sounds a little Broken Social Scene/Vampire Weekend-esque. I guess I say this because of the horns that I hear on this album, but the general mood also is somewhat reminiscent of the aforementioned. Bad Veins definitely has the shit to be compared to the aforementioned bands as well, I think. This is their only release as far as I'm aware, and it's very promising. I'm expecting great things from Bad Veins in the future. I hope you enjoy this album as much as I have.

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New Vinyl Mega Post

I got a few new records in the mail this weekend, so I thought I'd share them with you all.

Torche-Meanderthal Demos

Jesu/Fog-Kissing Kin

Narrows/Heiress Split

Extreme Noise Terror/Slang Split

DEERPEOPLE - Self Titled (2010)

More happy!
DEERPEOPLE play an awesome blend of southern rock/soft vocal driven indie pop played with some unusual instruments, including; violin, tempuri, flute, and some odd, makeshift percussion. This EP doesn't have a sour track on it (total of 5), and is best digested in one sitting, or dance. Your call.


I'm personally not the biggest fan of these guys, but I uploaded this for a friend and I figured plenty of you would appreciate it.

If you've ever heard any of their music before, then you already know what this sounds like, as it's pretty much the same as usual.



United Nations - Self Titled (2008)

Well, that's enough happy. United Nations is Thursday's vocalist Geoff Rickly. Other than that, the members are unknown to the public, but they are assumed to be Daryl Palumblo; vocalist from Glassjaw, and Ben Koller; drummer from Converge. I grew up listening to Thursday, so this was a nostalgia bomb from the getgo, which I grew to love even more.

Your Infamous Harp - Escapes From the Cage (2009)

Your Infamous Harp is an electronic duo that creates music that could be described as glitchy pop. The music is laden with glitchy, punctuated beats and soothing female vocals. It is some of the most beautiful music your ears will ever have the pleasure of listening to. Their first album, Prah Suomafni Ruoy, was posted on this blog some time ago but the link is broken, so I'm going to upload that one when I get the chance to. Also, Kept Blue, which is the male part of Your Infamous Harp has an album on this blog as well but the link is also broken. I will upload both albums ASAP. Until then, you can enjoy this album.

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Fang Island - Fang Island (2010)

I originally downloaded this album with high hopes of hearing Nick Sadler's signature screechy, chaotic style, somehow formulated into a more assessable indie rock.
Thankfully, I was greeted with a sound entirely different. This album is made of pure positive energy and sunshine. As their myspace claims it sounds like "everyone high-fiving everyone", which is an accurate depiction. If this album doesn't make you smile, you need to talk to a therapist.
Reuploaded, and tested. Thanks Mike.

NiceNice-Extra Wow (2010)

I've been a fan of this two-piece for quite some time, so I don't know how I missed this album when it came out in April. While their previous string of ep's focused on sparse instrumental & ambient sounds, this full length really shows how melodic experimental rock music can be. All a bunch of fuzzed out guitars & synths mixed with multi layered percussion. Actually reminds me of Oneida quite a bit.



The Feeling Of Love - OK Judge Revival (2010)

new lp from french trio. the feeling of love had already established itself as a powerful act with elements from punk/blues/sun city girls and other things amongst the very good mix of sound they provide. from catchy and strong riffs mixed with punk-blues and post punkish pyschedelic ambiances, this lp shows that they still have all that energy and more. this album does not disappoint and adds on another good page in the growing fol catalogue.

railcars - remixes (2010)

Hey guys. How are you doing today? Well, that's good. I have some awesome music for you! This a remix album of some of railcars' songs. There are remixes from Truman Peyote, Lucky Dragons, No Age, Jean Wilder's Day Off, Xiu Xiu, and White Rainbow. I'm sure you guys will just love this stuff. Be sure to support Mr. Jalali, aka the man behind railcars. The myspace for railcars is here.

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Bachelors of Science - Science Fiction (2008)

As a relatively new group, Bachelors of Science are one Phil “Rene”; a producer from New Zealand, and one DJ Fokus; previously a large name in the UK jungle scene. In their debut album Science fiction, they create a relaxing and atmospheric blend of dreamy DnB, also tagged liquid funk. A good dance floor pleaser.

The Boyd Rice Experience - Hatesville (1995)

i normally don't like boyd rice (via. non being shitty, him being a fascist etc...) but i think this is a good album. it has adam parfrey guesting on a couple of tracks, 'if you know who that is'. also jim goad is on a track ("let's hear it for violence towards women") that is an very emotional experience, one which i would describe as 'harrowing'. the track called "i am man (sometimes i hate)" is also very good. so is the track "low blood sugar".

Höyry-Kone - Huono Parturi (1997)

Höyry-Kone is an avant-garde progressive rock band that is affectionately called "Finn Crimson" by fans, and for good reason. Huono Parturi is an album for the adventurous: listeners can expect to hear incredible, yet tasteful operatic vocals (unlike, say, Diablo Swing Orchestra); soaring strings that aren't afraid chug along with the guitars when some gnarly riffage is in order; and a folky aesthetic made possible in part by the variety of instruments present on the album (everything from violin to pump organs). Think of it as the product of a three-way between King Crimson, Mr. Bungle, and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. Except that the result isn't nearly as terrifying as it might seem on paper.