Aunt Martha - Candy Maker (2009)

fast paced folk music with a certain familiarity to it that makes you feel like like you are listening to a war story from your grandpa. nah, that sounds like bullshit. just some enjoyable folk-rock from new york with a hint of freshness(though a lot of songs sound really alike).

Throbbing Gristle - 20 Jazz Funk Greats (1979)

     Being the first real Industrial band, Throbbing Gristle has lasted as the most important electronic music innovators of all time.  First starting out in 1976, they set the stage for punk music with their intensely evocative stage presence. Musically they were really nothing anyone had heard before; anti-music through the use of technology, both dehumanized and mechanized. 20 Jazz Funk Greats is a mixture of melodic structures with sharp, stabbing, artless noise. The cover art is just that, a cover. The comfy charismatic smiley faces on a hillside hide their true antisocial aesthetic. Also, nowhere on this album will you find jazz or funk, and only 13 tracks rather than the stated 20. I had a chance to see them live last year at Coachella music festival and they were absolutely amazing. Highly recommend to any electronic or early punk fans looking for their roots.

vitaminsforyou - I'm sorry for ever and for always (2001)

Some great experimental electronica from Canada, perfect for the cold winter, and late nights. It is a slow and quiet, beat oriented kind of music, that toys with traditional structure, logic, and emotions. If your into bedroom electronica, then this is probably as good and compelling as it gets.... Just make sure to turn it up..

RIYL: Hood, Manitoba, squares on both sides


MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS - ひきずるビート / まで。(2010)

new single from this awesome heavy shoegaze jap band, check it out if you haven't listened to them yet.

post dedicated to sameasitev, 420th member of our group

Major Organ and the Adding Machine - Major Organ and the Adding Machine (2001)

elephant6 super-group featuring major organ, kevin barnes, julian koster, jeff mangum, will cullen hart, eric harris and andrew reiger(do note these are all suspected contributors). this is for sure the most experimental album to have come out of the elephant 6 group, and is for sure their most interesting as well. you should definitely give this a listen if you have acquainted yourself with other elephant6 projects.

Conrad Benjamin - Saturn (1982)

quite possibly one of my favorite records of the 80s, this privately pressed LP is one of the most classic pieces of modern soul/space-funk. this is a rare record, so rare in fact that if you happen to have it in physical form, you can make over 500 usd. this is just really great music, it just happens to be one of those that was obscured due to lack of publicity.

John Coltrane - The Ascension (1965)

John Coltrane - The Ascension (1965)
This is the kind of hyper-complex jazz that aficionados love because they can identify all the modal shifts and chromatic crescendos and whatever. You probably won't be able to hear those though. Instead you'll hear a forty minutes of free jazz noodling punctuated by some of the best solos ever. Worth wading through all the arcane jazz waffle for some of the riffs Coltrane spits out.


Bongzilla - Amerijuanican (2005)

Fourth full-length album from Bongzilla, a stoner/sludge metal band from Wisconsin. Pretty good, catchy riffs, etc. Recommended for those who are into this type of music. If you want an idea of what you're in for just search for "Amerijuanican" on youtube or something.
get it.

Tor & Sufjan Stevens - Illinoize (2009)

This is a pretty well done album of mashups with Sufjan songs mixed with people like Aesop Rock, Outkast, Grand Puba, and Blackalicious. Like all mashup albums it has some good stuff and some not so good stuff, but this one is definitely above average and the tracks mix quite nicely. What do people think about mashup albums? Are they still cool in 2KX? Should I post any more?

Astronautalis - Pomegranate (2008)

Astronautalis is the moniker of one Andy Bothwell. The gist of his music seems to gravitate toward hip-hop, despite some songs on this album not being exactly hip-hop but rather rock I would surmise to call it. To those of you thinking, "oh great, another white boy rapper," I request you reconsider your initial judgment on the basis that this is not cookie-cutter grade rap, but quite novel and exceedingly listenable. I was pleasantly surprised when I first played this album. I should think you will be too.

Download & Comment

Armcannon - The Return of the Attack of the Legend of Pizzor (2009)

For those of you who remember the Powerglove that I posted over the summer, here's another fun--filled metallic romp through video game history. They put their own spin on the video game music canon, which includes various Nintendo games (Super Mario, Megaman, Castlevania) as well as TV show themes (Power Rangers, Ghostbusters). Armcannon is not as heavy as Powerglove, or as creative with the source material as The Protomen, but they still manage to impress with their mix of metal riffage, tongue in cheek humor, and genuine nerdiness.

Arts The Beatdoctor - Progressions (2008)

Not much to say about this specifically, if you want a description of the music check out the earlier post I made with his full album, which I recommend downloading also.
This is his more recently released EP, which was released with a download code giving an extra instrumental track. This is that version with the 5th track. Of the first 4 tracks 2 feature other artists while 2 are just instrumental tracks by him.

Check it out here

Son Lux - At War With Walls and Mazes (2008)

This is the kind of album that you need to listen to before you'll know if you like it or not. It is beautiful piano mixed with hip-hop beats and electronica, supported by ethereal vocals. That description doesn't do the album justice so I suggest that you get it and give it a listen.

Yasunao Tone - Solo For Wounded CD (1997)

Yasunao Tone - Solo For Wounded CD (1997)
The album title isn't some artsy poetic bullshit. Literally this entire album is made by taking blank CD-Rs, damaging them in some way, and recording what a stereo reads from their tortured surfaces. I won't lie, if you've heard thirty seconds you've heard the whole album. But it has a schizophrenic kind of allure; I've played it way more than I thought I would. If you recognize the style of the album art, you probably have Merzbow's 1930 or Sphere or one of a number of Ruins albums, all released on the amazing New Japan label.

Frank Turner - Love Ire and Song (2008)

Ex-frontman of band Million Dead (check them out, bitch) Frank Turner is a one man folk band with his acoustic guitar. He sings about life and its hardships, its brilliance, and the stuff that love is made of. He is amazingly talented. I think that when you listen to this, you'll draw some sort of inspiration for whatever it is that you hope to do in your life from the music. It's just that kind of music. The songs are very positive, uplifting messages, with a really catchy acoustic guitar behind them. I consider this to be a crucial album for anyone who enjoys acoustic folk.

Get this shit, motherfucker.
& Comment

Material - Intonarumori (1999)

material were a band playing industrial jazz funk post punk. then they started making electro, then instrumental hip hop, then collabing with rappers and then doing a lots of other shit until this, the final album under the name material. here is a review i didn't write but seems apt.
Things sure have changed since Material (then a trio consisting of bassist/producer Bill Laswell, drummer Fred Maher and keyboardist Michael Beinhorn) released its first EP of mildly abrasive experimental art-funk in 1979. These days Beinhorn and Maher are out of the picture, and Material is just a name that Laswell gives once and a while to one of his many collaborative projects. This time out, Material is Laswell and a motley crew of rappers and DJs. The disc package is emblazoned with the defiant slogan "Rapping is still an art, " which tends to raise one's expectations somewhat. Those expectations are more or less borne out, too. As is his wont, Laswell provides instrumental settings that are dark, rhyhmically complex and bone-shakingly bass-heavy; on top of his foundational beats there are expert turntable manipulation from the likes of DXT (known to old school aficionados asGrandmaster D.ST) and phonosycographDISK, rapping by Ramm Ell Zee, Scotty Hard, Killah Priest, Flavor Flav and others, and even a cameo appearance by wispy-voiced art-pop singerLori Carson (whose "All That Future," a collaboration with funky keyboard legend Bernie Worrell, turns out to be one of the album's highlights). Flavor Flav is his typical off-the-wall self on "Burnin'," while Killah Priest gets arrythmically serious on the six-minute recitation "Temple of the Mental." Alicia Blue provides the aptly titled "Flo w," and Kool Keith weighs in with "Conspiracies," a lyrical theme that keeps returning throughout the album. The only weak point on the album comes, unfortunately, at the very end, with Ramm Ell Zee's obnoxious and stupid "Hisstory." Highly recommended overall.
now this post is too long.

Future Sound of London-From the Archives Vol.1-3 (2009)

A collection of unreleased & B-Side tracks compiled by the band, from the late 80's to the late 90's. These are all 3 volumes that are available, as far as I'm aware.

In the early 90's this group changed my outlook on electronic music. They've since decided to move onto more live, jam-band type of stuff that I don't really care for, but they remain one of my favorite groups of all time. In any case, if you are a fan of FSOL or electronic music in any form then you will surely appreciate this

You can purchase these albums (or others) from the bands own website, but beware as it's a clusterfuck of bad design and seizure inducing flashing images...Band Website

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3

Arts The Beatdoctor - Transitions (2007)

I've been meaning to post this since I first joined the blog, but have had hard drive issues over the past year or so and have just now gotten everything back. Expect some more frequent uploads from me now (probably).
Arts the Beatdoctor makes a good blend of dark, chill, jazzy hip-hop. Some of the tracks on this album have vocals or rapping, but they're interspersed with a healthy dose of awesome instrumental tracks. The music on this album evokes a sort of cinematic nighttime feel that's hard to exactly describe, so I'll leave it up to you to listen. I STRONGLY recommend you check this out, even if it's a bit out of your comfort zone musically. Some tracks are heavier on the jazzy side, others on the hip-hop, and still others sort of fall between, but touch upon other genres at the same time. There's some great stuff going on here.

tl;dr: chill jazz inflected hip-hop with a nighttime atmosphere, worth downloading

get this shit

Comment if you like, and here's his website.

Caldera - Time And Chance (1978) (Vinyl Rip)

some pretty epic jazz-psychedelic-space-latin-fusion-rock from the late 70s that is now a true gem. found this while browsing through some bargain bins and decided to pick it up because the album cover itself caught my attention. put it on and was immediately blown away by what i was listening to. ripped it from that same vinyl, so consider this a WFLM exclusive!

Kepler - Fuck Fight Fail (2000)

Kepler was an excellent slow-core band from Ottawa that eventually disbanded in 2006. Some members have gone on to form a new Toronto based band called Tusks. Kepler make predominantly quiet, sleepy indie rock, with slow picked guitars, drums, and plain vocals. This might sound boring to some, but it's the perfect album for when you want something quiet to listen to.. it is just so well done that it overcomes some of the genres stereotypes, with a couple of the songs approaching louder post-rock moments. The band also features Jeremy Gara(drummer) from the Arcade Fire, on guitar.

Fuck Fight Fail is a calm, dark, and haunting record, which becomes strangely uplifting ...A lot of the songs remind me of the couple of quieter Mogwai songs that have vocals, like Cody and Secret Pint. A beautiful record from beginning to end.

RIYL: Codeine, Bedhead, Mogwai

God Bless You & Your Talent.

Mf Grimm - The Downfall of Ibliys: A Ghetto Opera (2002)

Did I forget to post this before? That works out well. Listen MF Grimm's life is too crazy to tell as a story so here are the bullet points.
  • Grew up next door to Morgan Freeman
  • Became close friends with MF Doom
  • Got shot three times and lived.
  • Got shot seven times, became paralyzed, blind and deaf.
  • Overcame the blindness and deafness just in time to get sentenced to Life for "conspiracy".
  • In his 24 hours bail, recorded this album.
If it sounds clumsy or rough around the edges, fuck it: What's the most you've ever done in a day? Even though he raps about regular hip-hop drivel (hos and the exact degree to which he will soak them (super), caps and what part of yo' body he will bust them in), the album is so incredibly desperate you might even shed a tear.

Download this.

The Dodos Mix by Phitts

So I've been listening to The Dodos a lot recently and wanted to post one of their albums, but there are songs on each of them that I wanted to share. Thus was born a mix of my favorite songs from their three albums; some of them I kept in the same kind of order, some I moved around, but all of them are good and show different sides of these fine young fellows' work. A good amount of you probably have this stuff, so just comment on the band or something while those who don't check them out. Great, catchy, and very percussively oriented acoustic rock full of lamenting and occasionally raucous vocals.

Vaguely sounds like: Good Old War with more muscle and melancholy

Time to listen.

Sadus - Swallowed in Black (1990)

As much as I love metal, I've always had trouble getting into thrash. I think it's because I've been waiting for bands that offer a bit more than just neck damage (although that is pretty satisfying). Much like how Coroner's "Mental Vortex" was technical enough to keep me interested past the album opener, Sadus's 1990 album "Swallowed in Black" has had me headbanging for the past 2 days. Everything about this album fucking slays. The vocals range from aggressive snarls to inhuman howls, the guitar riffs and solos are absolutely relentless, and the rhythm section drives the songs home like a stake through the heart thanks to stellar drumming and Steve DiGiorgio's fretless bass wizardry. Think Slayer + Coroner + a hint of death metal. A winning combination in my book.

One Hand Loves The Other - One Hand Loves The Other (2007)

This the debut album from One Hand Loves The Other, from Atlanta. They take their name from the lyrics to the final song on Bjork's masterpiece Vespertine. They achieve a similar mood to that album, but with more prominent drum programming. Their myspace says the make a 'classically infused version of electro-pop'; which also features vocals, piano, cello, on top of the precise, yet glitchy electronic beats. It is distinct, and down-tempo electronic pop music, with a modern classical bent . The vocals may take a few listens to get used to, as it shifts between highs and lows, .. but if you don't mind an occasional falsetto, you should realy enjoy this. It is a fully realized listening experience.

Unfortunately, they disbanded in 2008, after releasing a final remix album, but have reformed again as Tealights.

RIYL: The Swords Project, mum, Realpeople (Zach Condon)


Delphic - Acolyte (2010)

Well it looks like we're still here and I'm shit at posting so I'll stop with my all time favs for now. This is some great indie electro that to me sounds like Cut Copy meets Bloc Party, but I guess it sounds a bit like The Big Pink and The xx too (if they were a bit happier). They are getting big fast so get into this now if you want some alt cred. I think they might have even gotten too big and sold out by now, I don't know, I'm a bit behind the times.

Réplica - Sorry EP (2006)

i saw these guys open for client in 2006 here in mexico city back when client was good and electro-rock seemed promising. apparently they sent an instrumental version of the song to client over the internet and they e-mailed back a song with full vocals. awesome. then i tried getting this a couple of times but found nothing and today it was on's top10. fun. EP includes sorry (feat client), 2 other songs, a joy division cover and a bunch of sorry remixes. i dedicate this post to the worst member of our team, tokyosex, who turned 14 just two weeks ago.

Best Coast - Something in the Way (2010)

new 7" limited to 100 copies from best coast, includes 3 new tracks. follow bethany on twitter, she's funny and just got back from touring the us with vivian girls. expect a full album later this year.

Bike For Three! - More Heart Than Brains (2009)

Where to start, where to start. Firstly, this shit is the offspring of Buck 65 and Greetings From Tuskan if you didn't already look at the album cover. Bike For Three! is the nitty gritty, it is eloquent, it is everything in between. The beats are dank as fuck (real talk son!) and Buck 65 spits some lyrics that will make you want to slap your girlfriend (but don't you dare do it). I can't say much for his voice but the way he puts them words together is damn near flawless. Some tracks are geared more for intellectualism whereas some tracks (namely track 12) exist for the sole purpose of knocking all the Earth's emcees. Overall the album is pretty fuckin' awesome, so get it.

Rolf Lislevand - Nouve Musiche (2006)

Rolf Lislevand is a Norwegian baroque guitar and lute player who records and performs traditional baroque music, but instead of always trying to exactly reproduce the songs as the composers wrote and intended them to be played (a boring and futile pursuit), he likes to add an improvisational quality to his pieces. He has composed and arranged many pieces that combine baroque instruments and techniques with a more modern feel, incorporating jazzy upright bass and percussion.
His music is relaxing, but still interesting, you could fall asleep to it, but it won't put you to sleep. For those of you into classical guitar, or just classical or baroque music, this is definitely something to check out. For others, it might still be worth a try, but it's not for everyone.
get it here.

Gleemen - Gleemen (1970)

up next is another italian gem, which in my opinion is probably one of the best albums of the 70s, whether underground or mainstream. somewhat symphonic prog heavily inspired by the later half of the 60s, and with the guitarist drawing his main inspiration from hendrix, this album is something of great size. the recording is superb. great percussion followed by great bass work & guitar work make this definitely one of the best out of the bunch i have posted so far, if not the best.

Nedry - Condors (2010)

Some amazing new electronic post-rock from the UK, with occasional female vocals. They are about to go on tour with 65daysofstatic and Loops Haunt. Their sound might be somewhere in the middle of those two projects, but with added vocals. The heavily programmed beats, intricate electronics, guitars and floating melodies, are also reminiscent of Bjork's Homogenic, but with a colder, post-rock edge. Well worth some of your time and hard earned Money. Recommended. (*.mp4)

RIYL: Bjork, Worm Is Green, Lali Puna

We're More Than Just Friends...We're In Love.

Erkin Koray-Elektronik Türküler (1974)

Apparently Erkin Koray is "widely acclaimed as being the first person to ever play rock and roll in Turkey; in 1957" (wikipedia)

All I know is that this album is an amazing mix of pschedelic/prog rock & traditional turkish/middle eastern music. If you enjoy either of those styles, I highly recommend this


Arson Anthem - Arson Anthem (2008)

"Arson Anthem is an American hardcore punk band, formed in New Orleans in 2006. The lineup comprises singer Mike Williams (of Eyehategod), guitarist Phil Anselmo (of Pantera, Down and Superjoint Ritual), country musician, punk rocker and Assjack frontman Hank Williams III on drums, and bassist Collin Yeo.

After losing all his possessions in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Mike Williams moved into Anselmo's spare apartment. The two spent countless hours listening to Phil’s collection of early hardcore bands. They began jamming with Hank III and Collin Yeo, who were united by their desire to have a hardcore punk band of their very own."


Baby Grandmothers - Baby Grandmothers (1968)

quite possibly one of the best psychedelic rock bands from the 60s, baby grandmothers is a lost gem indeed. this band was one of the better psychedelic/space rock acts of the time, with some tracks reaching well over 10 minutes and filled with some of the greatest psychedelic jams to have been recorded. though recorded somewhat poorly, all the effect is there and the 'space' element is never lacking. these guys even managed to support hendrix on a tour. good stuff, check it out.

Circus 2000 - Circus 2000 (1970)

so due to the fact that i forgot to post something yesterday, i will make a double post today; first up: circus 2000. this release is a fairly interesting italian psych album with female vocals. a pretty solid release, its worth checking out even if its just memorabilia from a time when this genre was being exploited(though this is by no means something thrown together in 10 minutes).

Walter Gross - L.A. Pink Filth (2009)

I first came across Walter Gross when he remixed tracks for Odd Nosdam and the Liar's offshoot These Are Powers. He is from New York, and makes a highly original blend of instrumental hip-hop and experimental noise, with shades of abstract IDM. It's all there, and it is highly enjoyable..File this somewhere between Warp and Not Not Fun, and etc. ....

-Link Removed..
RIYL: Dan Friel, Odd Nosdam, Nonnon

Sibylle Baier - Colour Green (2006)

Composed of songs recorded in the early 70's, this album was compiled by Sibylle's son as a gift for family members, but ended up also being passed on to a record label that decided to release it in 2006. These songs were recorded in Germany on a reel-to-reel tape machine in her home, and after she was done with these songs she more or less abandoned pursuing a singing or acting career, moving to the United States to raise a family. This album is to be released on vinyl in the next few months and she is now expected to be recording and releasing a new studio album.
I like this album, both for its music and for its feeling of being a gem rescued from being lost in time. Don't pass this by thinking this album is hippie-folk crap. It is definitely straight-forward, soft folky singing over soft folky guitar playing, but it's beautiful, peaceful, and serene, melancholy but not depressing. This is very highly recommended, especially for those of you who like 70's folk or contemporary singer/songwriter acts, but even if you don't fall into one of those categories you should check it out.

get it here.

Marina & The Diamonds - The Family Jewels (2010)

i've waited for this album for soooooo long, ever since i listened to seventeen on her myspace way back in '08 (or was it '07?) (listen to it, it's on the crown jewels EP) i wanted to listen to a full album from her. now here it is and while not bad, it's not exactly what i expected. songs like i am not a robot, obsessions and mowgli's road sound like the marina i love, while some others like hollywood sound a bit too produced, kind of fake imo. i think marina is more of a singer-songwriter than a popstar and the focus on this album is clearly on her popstar side. dont' get me wrong, i liked it. but not as much as i expected and maybe that's entirely my fault. you be the judge, either way it's worth a listen. this girl is pure talent.

Son House - Father of the Delta Blues: The Complete 1965 Sessions (1992)

Son House was a blues singer and guitarist who helped influence and popularize the delta blues style, influencing many artists both then and today, including Robert Johnson and Jack White. These tracks show a good picture of his music, with some tracks showcasing his guitar and slide guitar skills, and others that are simply him singing and clapping.
This music is reminiscent of gospel and the songs you might hear sung by chain gangs, not refined or necessarily always on time or key, but always full of feeling and soul. This music isn't everyone's cup of tea, but even if it isn't your style it's worth listening to hear where a lot of more contemporary music got its stuff from.

get part 1 here and part 2 here.

Feedle - All Your Days Are Weird (2008)

Upbeat, downtempo electronica from the UK with occasional vocals. He's done a couple of remixes for 65DOS over the years, and was even a part-time member until he released his first solo record in 2007, the excellent 'Leave Now For Adventure', that combined electronic melodies, ragged drunken beats, and howling noise.

On this follow-up record, he moves away from the dark/downbeat mood of his debut for more upbeat electronica. The difference is like night and day, but sometimes change is good, .. and this is it...

RIYL: Capitol K, Dosh, Caribou, 65daysofstatic

Go And Get Your Head Fucked.

The Avalanches - Since I Left You (2000)

Continuing on with my posts of awesome albums you've probably already heard before, this is an amazing sample-based album by The Avalanches. Apparently there are about 3500 samples used in this, but it never sounds messy or disjointed. It's mostly chilled out beats but it does get a bit funky occasionally. If you like RJD2, Blockhead, Pelican City, etc you will love it.

Washed Out and Small Black - Washed Out/Small Black (2010)

new split single from washed out and small black. these bros seem to be hanging out together a lot lately, they're even doing some live thinkg at SXSW apparently. on this single you'll find them remixing each other and one live small black track. is chillwave back? maybe.