Telepathe - Sinister Militia (2006)

i love telepathe so i'm posting more telepathe. this was their third release, a 12" with a couple of more experimetal tracks + remixes. way less synth-pop than their album but still good. almost new weird america-ish.

Enemy Logic - Bones As Armour (2009)

Enemy Logic - Bones As Armour (2009)

Requested upload. Dan Corgi of Enema Logic describes this as "Melodic Death Metal", which misses the point of Death Metal if you ask me. But this is their debut album, Bores as Armour, in high quality MP3 and full of angst over having sexy accents. What they lack in aesthetic taste they make up for in flawless production. I mean really, a distressed typeface? What is this, 2004? Their whole website looks like promotional material for Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Come on guys, like seriously. Check the album out though, support artists supporting themselves.

Download this and comment.

Sun City Girls - s/t (1984)

Sun City Girls - s/t (1984)

One of THE experimental bands, as far as I'm concerned. This is one of the first of their scores of albums. Their output is so diverse, even within each album, that I'm not going to disgrace myself by trying to describe it. However, I will go so far as to say that I THINK one of their "formulas" was to take a bunch of shrooms, play a weird guitar riff over and over, and babble in tryptamine meaning-language until they got bored.

in other words, highly recommended.

Dark Funeral - Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus (2009)

dark funeral's new album with a ridiculous black metal title. got this last week and i keep listening to it every couple of days, it's pretty cool, fucking fast and melodic. i find this kind of black metal to be pretty relaxing, those fast riffs and the double bass beats with shrieking vocals create a dark smooth atmosphere i enjoy a lot. probably the reason i got into black metal as a kid. also, who knew these guys where still around? for fans of carpathian forest, naglfar, immortal, etc.

My Bloody Valentine - This is Your Bloody Valentine (1985)

i've never been a big MBV fan. i enjoy a lot of shoegaze but i just never got that into them, sure i like loveless like everyone else but i don't think it's as great as everyone thinks it is so when i read about this EP (yeah 24 years later, again, i've never been a big fan) i decided to check it out and i loved it. this is a completely different MBV, this is a goth rock band. their sound is cold, dark and gloomy. post-punk influences through the whole EP and a tiny tiny hint of shoegaze in one or two songs. i told a friend i liked this EP better than anything i've heard from them before and he said "oh how controversial" so yeah, it might seem that way but "i'm just being honest" [via andre3000]. i'm sure a lot of you already have this and dismissed it/loved it years ago, but for those who've never listened to it, do it now. fan or not. this EP is great.

PS. this was ripped from the 1990 reissue by dossier records.

Dublab Presents... In The Loop (2004-2006)

Ok so I was a little hesitant about posting these since dublab is a non-profit internet radio station and they are the fucking best at what they do, getting only the most amazing musicians on this planet to record sessions in their studios and they also have the most amazing shows where they only play the most amazing music (with an extremely wide array of genres) so posting this stuff would be like taking what few little money they make. They've released 5 volumes and in the meantime I'll only post the first 3 since they were all released between 2004-2006 so I don't think they're still making any money off of them. All three are more into the electronic side of music but there are still hints of folk in a few of them (one of them being a remixed folk song, amazing remix too).

If you like these vinyls please go over to and check out all the recorded sessions they have archived by a whole bunch of artists and all their recorded shows too. Check out their podcast as well since there's even more recorded sessions in there (including that absolutely mind melting session Flying Lotus did for their Future Roots Radio show on some real radio station). If possible, donate any spare cash you have lying around for their "proton drive", their bi-annual funds gathering event to keep the station running. It's well worth it and you even get a sticker and their 10th year anniversary poster :)

PS: I promised I'd upload one of the Jewelled Antler Library albums per day, sorry I haven't posted them but I've been hella busy with school, but in a couple of weeks I'll be free so don't sweat it :)

They Mean Us - Friendship Lottery (2007)

Instrumental with beautiful melodies abound, great drumming, a violin and cello in the mix, among other sounds. These are personally cool guys too, probably the best band from here in south Texas, and I just felt like sharing them here before they release something new. Highly recommended stuff.

Texas fucking wins.

Remotely similar sounds: 33.3 , As the Poets Affirm , Tristeza with strings

Get it.

Rainbow Arabia - Kabukimono (2009)

last rainbow arabia post got a lot of dls and some people told me they liked them a lot so i thought i'd post another release by them, this year's EP kabukimono, released last summer. the artwork is awesome and the songs are pretty fucking cool, a bit more polished and electro than the basta but still has that world music influenced experimental indie electro sound and vibe, title track was my fav. also includes new remixes of omar k and let them dance (both tracks appear on the basta). enjoy.

Lamb - Fear of Fours (1999)

Lamb - Fear of Fours (1999)
And the award for least probable reunion of 2009 goes to...

Yes, I bet those of you who hit puberty in the 90s never expected to hear from Lamb again. Sometime after the release of Portishead's Dummy, hardcore Jungle producer Andy Barlow decided to replace all of his synths with acoustic instruments and a singer, Lou Rhodes. Lamb were never as stunningly talented as Massive Attack or Tricky, but they were as innovative. Their first three albums were all very good, but Fear of Fours is my favorite, by far. You have never heard kickass breakbeats work so well with a sampled tuba, acoustic bass or lute (yes, the album has a lute on it). And Rhode's languid, coffeehouse vocals just wrap perfectly around the whole, perverse arrangement. As if by psychic entanglement, I started spinning this record again recently, just weeks before they announced their reunion and tour (and they are coming to my city!). It hasn't aged a bit.


Amanda Blank - I Love You (2009)

i bring yall more hipster-hop! amanda blank is a skinny white female rapper from philly. her sound is kiiiind of similar to kid sister tho this one is less hip-hop and more pop+electro. she samples santigold on a love song and my fav track, shame on me, has no rapping at all. includes collabs with spank rock and lykke li (so indie!). recommended for fans of little boots, kid sister and santigold. altgirl power!


PS. do you enjoy hipster-hop? leave a comment!

Toro Y Moi - Causers of This (2010)

here's our first 2010 album, chillwaver toro y moi's debut album causers of this. haven't even listened to this yet but i'm pretty sure it's as great as the EPs and the tracks on youtube. get ready to chill into the new year and enjoy chillwave while it lasts.

Geneva Jacuzzi - Kooze Control (2008)

geneva jacuzzi is a new weird america electro alt girl making lo-fi music with poor equipment and self-releasing shit on cd-r's while she's involved in another 50 projects (most of them with ariel pink). the internet also says she's an "audio and visual artist". she's kind of hot. i find her very hot tho cause she makes music. says her music is "quasi-occult mystery, flippant wit and quizzical torch, enshrined in the unsuspecting and jazzy veneer of sundry electronic music styles that range from darkwave goth-lounge to tropicalia" which means she's ok but people like to think she's better than she actually is. people into lo-fi music will appreciate this, the rest will hate it and think it's "pretty shitty". you're warned.

Rainbow Arabia - The Basta (2008)

i got this EP months ago and didn't even knew i had it until one day listening to music on shuffle i listened to one track and i loved it. it's very similar to gang gang dance but with a sort of arabic vibe to it with some latin/hindu beats or some shit. i don't know how to describe it. world music-influenced experimental indie electro? that works for me. uber recommended if you like GGD/telepathe/school of seven bells.

Junkboy - Lost Parade (2005)

The usual quality expected of Junkboy, a smorgasbord of chilled out beauty on a variety of instruments, with some light vocals. Very recommended artist.


Album removed as per artist's request.

Kid Sister - Ultraviolet (2009)

kid sister's debut album is finally out after 2 years of singles and internet buzz. i thought this album would feel dated since it's being released in late 2009 and she was hot stuff back in 2007 and in this age 2 years could kill buzz-bands/acts, but i was wrong. this album sounds fresh, current and hip. pro-nails still sounds as cool as it did when it came out 2 years ago (maybe better) and the rest of the songs are perfect for any party. guests on this album include cee-lo, kanye and estelle with production by a-trak, spank rock and others. highly recommended for everyone into hipster-hop and electro.

Dextro - Winded (2009)

Dextro's album "Winded" can be likened to a Van Gogh painting. The colors in a Van Gogh painting are often light. The combination of color is designed a certain way to evoke an aesthetic that I find is reminiscent of a delightful dream. There are many different aspects. It can be overwhelming to try to take it all in at once, which is why you must savor it and let your mind work out exactly what the fuck is going on. Take that, translate it to music, and you have Dextro. This album is great. I would highly recommend getting it.

Download & Comment

Shmu - Discipline Communication (2009)

"My new album is called Discipline/Communication and it can best be described as a blend psychedelic pop and shoegaze with tinges of glitch, minimalism and folk rock." whoa. i had a deja vu after copypasting that. awesome. anyways. that's shmu, part of austin's zorch. his description is pretty accurate so get downloading. note: his link, not mine.

Johann Sebastian Bach - Cello Suites (As performed by Paul Tortelier)

Scientific Fact: If you don't like this music, you are a plebeian troglodyte Philistine.

Download & Comment

Melt-Banana - Initial T. (2009)

from somewhere on the internet: "Initial T. is the latest single from this legendary band. Featuring three brand new exclusive songs that pick up where Bambi's Dilemma left off, and hot off the tail of their split with Young Widows." uhm, didn't know they had a split out too. i'll look for it and post later this weekend.

PS. sorry i haven't posted at all this week. i've been busy working on my ratio on some trackers, so no time for uploads to mediafire. for the rest of the guys not posting, shame on you lazy fuckers.

Puscifer - "C" Is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference HERE) (2009)

Puscifer - "C" Is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference HERE) (2009)

Puscifer: a name that causes many a Tool and A Perfect Circle fan to cringe. While Maynard's raunchy solo project was responsible for a handful of fantastic tracks off the Underworld OSTs, 2007's full length was simply awful. But rejoice, loyal MJK fans! Puscifer's newest EP is a collection of 6 rock solid songs that redeem this project as a legitimate musical venture. Two are reinterpretations of tracks from "V is for Vagina" (very good ones, at that), but the other 4 are brand spanking new. Whether you were disappointed by the previous Puscifer efforts, or whether you just want to see what Maynard has been up to, give this little gem a listen.


And, as an added bonus, the hilarious 2-song EP released in 2007, called "Cuntry Boner"

Joy Division - She's Lost Control / Atmosphere (1980)

Joy Division - She's Lost Control / Atmosphere (1980)
Finally, a rip of the original vinyl single has surfaced. 24bit lossless transcoded to V0 for those who care. This version of She's Lost Control has different instrumentation and an entire additional verse. I'm not sure if Atmosphere is the same as the version you all got on some fancy schmancy downloaded JD compilation. But if it is, fuck you this song is incredible and the rip is straight from 1980. Though it's only a single, this is arguably the perfect Joy Division release, pairing some of Curtis' darkest work with his most ethereal. An essential.

Download if you want I guess. It's only 16 megabytes so whatever.

Devin Townsend Project - Addicted (2009)

The next installment in Devin Townsend's multi-album epic is a far cry from its bluesy, melancholic predecessor Ki, and those who are fans of the Canadian metal maestro's older work may find this as a refreshing return to form...albeit a very poppy and dancy one. Addicted takes Townsend's trademark wall-of-sound and combines it with infectious melodies that are only accentuated by Anneke van Giersbergen's angelic guest vocals. Not to downplay Devy's own performance; the man still screams with the best of them, and can belt out lines with damn near operatic grace.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have an addiction to feed.

Download and start dancing.

Zorch - Demo (2009)

cool experimental rock band from austin, TX. the link is to their website where you'll find a link to download the mp3 version of the demo, apple losless version and stems to remix the tracks. sound is synth-heavy a la holy fuck with drums that remind me a bit of marnie stern/hella (zach hill). pretty damn nice. these guys sent me this link themselves so be sure to add them on myspace and check out their website.

Tycho - Past Is Prologue (2006)

Are you familiar with the saying "a picture is worth 1000 words?" Well, in this case the statement holds true. The album cover is the best description I could give you.

& Comment

Also, check out this post by Phitts. Contained in it is a link to Tycho's EP "The Science of Patterns."

Instrumental Quarter - Traffic Jam (2006)

This is just... unbelievably chilled out. Evoking moments of Dirty Three's mystical sound, and not only with the violin (Windy Lands, Jackpot, I'm So Excited); to the sparse bits of Balmorhea (Lost On My Desk); to the stripped down, clean guitar fun of The Letter E; to the dreamy ambience of The Album Leaf (Walking to the 5th). So very recommended.

Remotely similar sounds: Balmorhea , The Letter E , Dirty Three , 33.3

Get this now.

Melt-Banana - Melt-Banana Lite LIVE: Ver 0.0 (2009)

description from the place i got this: "Unique 2009 live release from the Japanese Noise makers. These days, Melt-Banana performs some of their shows under the name Melt-Banana Lite, and this album is a live recording of the new configuration. Melt-Banana Lite is not the usual Melt-Banana: there are drums and vocals, but no guitars! Instead, the six string things have been replaced by samplers and synths!"

this is fucking crazy and amazing. if you've seen melt-banana live you know how it is. now imagine that with crazy bizarre synths instead of agata's insane guitar playing. get ready to get your mind blown.

i <3 melt-banana!

Wet Hair - Dream (2009)

Wet Hair - Dream (2009)
In reality, like two dozen people have ever heard of Raccoo-oo-oon, but thanks to the weird echo chamber that is /mu/, they seemed like noise superstars, and their breakup was lamented accordingly. Anyway, here is Wet Hair, one of the "core" members of Raccoo-oo-oon. At least, I can't tell what the other band members contributed because this just sounds like another Mythos Folkway release. Four tracks of abstract, wandering electronic noise. Have fun.

Like: ttttttttttttttttttttt, Scissor Shock, Nurse With Wound, six billion other noise acts.

V/A - Ragga Jungle Dubs (2007)

V/A - Ragga Jungle Dubs (2007)

From Greensleeves website:

Back in mid 90's, Jungle music was the order of the day, and Greensleeves released 2 sets of 'Ragga Jungle' volumes 1 and 2 which both sold by the trailer load. The scene then spiraled off into what became known as Drum and Bass, and has gone through many changes and sub-genres over the years. Now with a revived interest in Jungle music, in particular Ragga Jungle, the renaissance has sparked a new generation of fans and the return of many old school fans and producers alike. The Junglists have welcomed the return of dubby sub bass and ragga vocals have gradually regained favour, no doubt helped by the recent crossover of Dancehall music.

At first Jungle music was exclusively a UK phenomenon bridging reggae/dancehall and the rave scene - a result of the British black youth's take on the burgening dance music scene - but soon broke out and eventually crossed the atlantic and eventually conquered the world.

So here we present a collection of unreleased cuts and dub versions of some of those big tunes from "back in the day", with vocals from artists like Barrington Levy, Beenie Man, Ninjaman, Johnny Osbourne, Admiral Bailey, Josey Wales and Ini Kamoze, and with remixes by the Junglist massive including Ridley Don, DJ Monk, Sensi Crew, Reel II Reel and New Blood Crew.

Many of these cuts were only ever released on limited 12" & are very rare cuts that have never left the Greensleeves vault, until now.

tl;dr shit's cash


Toro Y Moi - My Touch (2009)

(couldn't find the artwork for this in under 2 min)

here's more chillwave for yall. toro y moi's my touch. i don't know a lot about this release but it's a nice ep or whatever full of chill songs to chill to. also this is not on this release but i wanted to share it: toro y moi covers michael jackson. enjoy.

Lymbyc Systym - Shutter Release (2009)

This new Lymbyc Systym is just so damn good. A variety of styles, moods, and instrumentation; nice and melodic; with plenty of interesting sounds. Very recommended. One of my favorites of the year. I highly encourage you to support this artist.

Get this now.

Estradasphere - Palace of Mirrors (2006)

If California-era Mr. Bungle were an instrumental rock group, they would sound a bit like Estradasphere. The band has described their song on this album as "Romanian Gypsy Death Metal," "Spaghetti Eastern," and "Bulgarian Surf," and if you're interest isn't piqued by now, you might need to check your pulse.

Get it here

Portishead - Third (2008)

Portishead - Third (2008)

So Pitchfork's already kicked off the End-Of-Decade frenzy, and I expect to see two dozen threads a day in /mu/ 'til March 2010. So here's my pick for number one, which would probably already have been posted if WFLM existed back then. I'm sure most of you have it, but if you don't what the fuck. Seriously what the fuck. This album is amazing. Well, Nylon Smile and Plastic are both pretty ordinary, and I have no idea why Deep Water is even on there, but after We Carry On I can forgive them for anything. And the last three songs are such a perfect trio, I could just play them all day. The record really rewards multiple listenings; things like the tiny pitch fluctuations in that droning sound on Threads that I just love to death, things that can only come out of eleven goddamn years of seclusion. So yeah, take your Kid A and shove it up your ass. Fuck trip-hop, fuck electronica. In a couple of years all the asshole tastemaker critics will realize this was the best rock album of the decade, and one of the great rock albums of all time.

Download. Comments greatly appreciated, especially if you've already had this album for a while.

The Famous Boat Party - Silvery Branches

obscure psych folk/freak folk/let's jangle and bang rhythmic instruments while we sing and strum or guitars over an ocean of reverb album, apparently now part of Porter Records "The Jeweled Antler Library" 4CD box set with 12 albums from other bands. good stuff

fuck physics

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tnemmoc a evael

PS: I found the other 11 albums so I'll be posting one per day :)

Samiyam - Man vs. Machine EP (2009)

Samiyam - Man vs. Machine EP (2009)

samiyam's latest EP, full of old shit. he probably released this to make some cash and buy some more dank nugs. nonetheless the songs on the EP are ballin' and should be listened to on a blunted state of mind. released on Ras G's Poobah Records imprint so you know this shit is quality

You fight for democracy
And the "American Way"
But you're not in your country
"What am I doing here?" you say
But now it's too late
You're entering Managua
If you had brought your surfboard
You could surf Nicaragua


Istari Lasterfahrer - The System Works Because You Work (2009)

Istari Lasterfahrer - The System Works Because You Work (2009)

here's some badass ragga jungle/breakcore shit for your ears, includes a jungle version of that 80s new wave song "tainted love" which a fuckton of people have covered already. this shit is awesome so you niggas better download it and go apeshit in your room like you don't give a fuck